Friday, April 13, 2012

Rain love it...........

 Checking cows on Easter Sunday. It was warm and sunny until later in the day then it cooled off and got windy.
 The cows were laying around and resting on Sunday. They all looked so relaxed and content. I kept telling Greg to stop driving so close to them cus then they would get up.
 3 of the trees we planted died. I posted about them when I started this blog. We got 3 replacements for free no less. Thanks tree man! He said he would rather have friends than money for the trees.
 Yes that is a mud puddle!!!!! So so grateful for the rain.
 Got them planted just in time for the nice rain.
 Another crayon apron. The button is a pair of cowboy boots.
cowgirl pink what could be better..........JMF


Tulip said...

I love that apron. Do you have a tutorial?

Connie said...

What a cute apron! Love the fringe along the bottom, this would look cute when you're out checking on the cattle :)