Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cows and Quilts...............

 Moving cows to new corn stalks.
 Lucas and I watched the highway lucky for us no cars. The cows weren't in a big hurry either. Within a few minutes of them all getting across the oil a semi came......good timing:)

The 2 sided cat pillow I made for a gal's birthday.

 Christmas kitty:)
 I think this is the second quilt I made in 2012! I mean I only made 2 all year that has to be a record for the last 16 years.......oh my
 The back.
I am going to try and finish up some things that have been in a box, tote, etc for way to long. That's my goal you are my witnesses:)
 At quilt guild we had a demo on the Mile a Minute quilt. It is a way to use up scraps.

 You just might have to google it if you haven't seen it before. I think I will try it I have so many scraps.
 This picture doesn't do the quilt justice it is so pretty.
 Knitting needle storage.
 Purse from a man's tie.
 small table runner.
 a found quilt top
 bright colors I really this one.
 Happy Valentines day
I love this little snowman hanging. This small quilt show has been brought to you by The Prairie Piecemakers Quilt Guild. If you want to see more look us up on Facebook!..........JMF

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