Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There's a new Sheriff in town!!!! and more

 And he lives at  my house:) He is my Christmas gift from Jared's family. He looks so cool by the fireplace even with flowers by him!
 What shall I name him??? Maybe I should have a contest.
 This is what I get for making Greg go along with me to Pierre to a meeting, and he has time to kill!! He went to Runnings to buy gifts for the guys and me:) We don't always get Christmas gifts for each other, but I'm glad he did this year. He said it seemed just right because of the 3 rings Matt, Carrie and Jared. He's right one for each of our kids.
 He also gave me the kissing couple:) It's called One for the Road. He kept saying that to me every time he left the house for days before I opened it. Then he's like get it?? Now I don't think he's said it since..LOL
Then my new favorite slippers from Matt's. I wear them everyday, they gave me a candle and they make a donation in our name to help the poor.
And here is the best thing if you aren't a fan of ironing. Carrie's gave me this steamer I just hang my clothes on the shower rod and few few passes with the steam  no more wrinkles. It fits behind the bathroom door so it's always handy. I hope she likes hers as well as I like mine.  No picture of the snowman peeps she gave me. I did manage not to eat them til Lucas was here one day and he got a couple of them, but the rest were mine. I just love those sugar coated marshmallow treats! I think they started having them for every holiday just for me:) I wonder Groundhogs day peeps.... I would eat them.........JMF

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