Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's mantel............

 Just had to throw a pic of the squirrel in. I'm glad I put corn out for him it's so cold today.
 I found the red vase at Urban Junk in Madison. I bought some other decorations at Shopko and Loopys.

When Jared stopped the other day there was one of their cats in the back of the pickup so he put it in front to get it back home. I think she enjoyed laying in the sun.
Stay warm......................JMF


ytsmom said...

I love the squirrel, and the cat. The cat will want to be in the pickup window all of the time, now!

Ranch Wife said...

I'm thinking you've got a spoiled squirrel in your midst. Cute picture! And your mantel looks so pretty - grouping everything like that makes it look very artistic - like it should be in a home decorator magazine.