Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow, sun, and sewing

 Pretty sunset the other night.

 My newest apron.

 New pattern I bought online at ithinkisew  anyway someone picked this fabric out so now she has a top.

I thought the yellow and green ribbon made a cute belt.
 Rachel call me when you see this and I will send or bring it to you:) I'll be working on one for Ellie too.
 Quilt idea I got after reading the dirt road blogger. Her strip on top was appliqued. When I saw it I thought that's what I can use that fabric for!
 Saw this on her blog too. I thought it was so cute. Asked her where she got it and then order it and one more pattern. I am making a quilt for Macie using some of her great grandpas western shirts. He passed away in a pickup accident and is greatly missed.
There are 6 blocks. I'll post more as I go. These need their eyes and mouth!
 Closeup of the cheater panel hey it's faster than applique:)
 I am thinking maybe appliqueing an animal down in one of the corners of the quilt.
Woke up to alittle snow and wind today.

 Breakfast for the cows. Ranchers never get to spend a snow day inside.

Now we have alittle more wind good thing I taped mass on TV our couch will be our pew today!!
stay safe and warm............................JMF

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