Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pictures with a few words!!

 Patched 3 pairs of  Rachel's jeans.
 Another top for her. bought cute fabric for one for Ellie.
 Bringing cows home.

John with the calf they found. It's the second one both mistakes....meaning someones bull came visiting  early this summer!! We got 2 nice calves out of the deal so we can't complain...................JMF


Janet said...

Just catching up on reading some blogs. I've missed out on all the cool things you've made. It must be so much fun to sew for grandkids. The tops are both very cute. I love the cheater border on the quilt--good idea. I may have to use that idea too. Love the snow and squirrel pictures.

Anonymous said...

I love the blouse! Cute fabric!

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