Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lambs and Pony Tails......

 Sat the boys and I did their lamb chores. I should say they did them and I took pictures and annoyed them by dancing around the shed to the radio that is always on:)
 Their dad got them each a lamb for Valentines day and a friend showed up with 2 more a week later.

 Snowball was the surpervisor.
 The pony tails quilt is all done except the label. I used fusible for the ponies so it went fast. Now I want to make another one and applique the horses.
 The back is a cozy flannel
Enjoy the rest of the weekend......JMF


Janet said...

This pony quilt is so cute. Love it! The backing is perfect. Aren't lambs the cutest thing? We've never had sheep, but our neighbors used to. We would do chores for them sometimes and my job was the bottle lambs.

Sara said...

Love the pony quilt. It is absolutely adorable. And I ejoyed the lamb pictures. Even after so many years, I still miss lambing time. When we farmed by Artesian we lambed out over 700 ewes most years. Lots of lamb chores, but they were so cute.

Ranch Wife said...

Look at those little tails go - they are eating with gusto!
and look at your Pony quilt! It looks awesome, and the flannel is the perfect backing! You were speedy getting this together!

Michelle said...

That's such a cute quilt -- thanks for linking up!

Vickie said...

I have that Pony Quilt pattern, it's "sew" cute ! Just purchased it and plan to make it soon.