Monday, August 19, 2013

Ode to the neighbors chickens...........

I love taking pictures of these chickens!!

 Lucas threw a piece of his banana out and they came running to check it out.
 Some of the young ones the hen hatched and some Lucas hatched in his incubator he got for his birthday. come to think of it the ones Lucas hatched are still in their pen. To many to keep track of. I just know Greg will be eyeing the young roosters for the stew pot!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he will have to sneak in like a coyote to get one past Lucas:)

 Kindof windy  ruffled feathers:)
 Short tail feathers??

 One of the 2 roosters.
Last but not least my newest apron. Made from a towel so you will be seeing another one with a different tie.
Next post Ode to the fall calves big and small....................JMF

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Judith Blinkenberg said...

I love chickens, I have 22 of them! I don't sew anymore, I play and care for them!!