Thursday, August 1, 2013

I thought it was gone!!!

 This is the tree in my MIL's backyard. It's two toned!!

 It's a neat tree. I am going to have to ask her more about it. She probably told me the story about it, but can't remember it:)

 I made 2 aprons with this print.
 I'm going to have to get something else to set this plant on when it's time to move it in this fall. Probably not going to be the pressure caner that is is setting on now!!
 I think I will re pot this in the fall too. My Jade plant.
 I had one bloom last year but will get a few more this time.
 It is to crowded.
 99% of these are going this fall any takers???? Hostas with white flowers.
 I made this messenger bag yesterday from a suit coat from Good Will and some denim fabric.
 The flower is not sewed on yet I was just trying it out to see if it's  the thing it needs:)
 I think it is.
 Panel I quilted. it's a birthday gift.
I made cookies this morning. I kept out 2 one for me one for Greg and that is it until tomorrow!! One cookie a day. I should have a contest to see how many days this lasts. Greg already asked me where the rest of them the freezer.........which one.........we only have 2 you can just look!! I didn't follow him to see if he did!!
 By mistake I bought 2 bags of melting bits, and Greg gave me a bad time about it so I put one on top of a couple cookies before I baked them. Guess who's cookie had one on for dessert today???? That's right MINE:)
 I saw the tailgate was down on the weed pickup, and thought oh no I'm just starting to have fun with that weed and he pulled it out. I went right over there thinking I would be taking a picture of the weed laying on the ground. Then I saw it!!! Still in it's spot I might have to water it tho looks a little limp.
The yellow tank is the weed sprayer it still might be in trouble! I think I should take a picture a day of it like the guy on the Sunday morning show that took a picture of a tree everyday for a year. It is on Facebook That Tree........................................JMF

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