Monday, August 5, 2013

A walk to the neighbors house.

 I started walking south the other day with my camera to see what I could see!
 Milk weed flower good for butterflies.
 Of course the Church that I was confirmed in a few years ago..Ok maybe lots and lots of years ago in a pink dress that is in my ceder chest. I think I will get it out it and take a picture of it. It would fit on one of my legs maybe.
 That tree that was here before  we moved here.
 The buffalo that wants that gate opened!!
 Maybe tomorrow guys:(
 Turn around and there's that tree again.
 I wish it wasn't in the pasture it would be fun to have in the yard.
 The corn looks great.


 I hope he doesn't run over me. He always says he can't see me on the road in the evenings because I have on darker clothes and that I should carry a white cloth to wave!! So I always ask how do you know I'm on the road if you can't see me??????????
 These birds followed along with me chirping  as we went down the road.
 Hay for the cows. That's pretty much all they get done cutting hay, baling hay, hauling hay not one complaint tho. A rancher loves hay!!!
 And my destination Johnny and Lucas' house!! I have to get down there once  in a while to check out the zoo they have started!!
 Can hardly see the chicks for the grass. The momma keeps track of them tho.
A rose by any other name would be a wild rose in the ditch on the way home:).........JMF


Tammy said...

Julie I lov eto see the pictures you post of yalls ranch. Everthing looks so pretty and healthy..from the animals to the plants and back again. Just beautiful.

Ranch Wife said...

Maybe you need to wear one of those headlamps when you're out on the road in the evening. You could start a trend. :) They come in pretty handy around here when we have to load trailers at 3 am.