Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall Calves and Garden

 We found a couple more pumpkins hid under the leaves the other day.  Yesss I thought I would only get 6 or so.

 Something must have made their bed in the garden there is a big spot of leaves smashed down.
 Squash growing on top of a pumpkin. I should try and move it.

 This might be a snake gourd and not a huge python gourd:) I'm assuming that they will get some color and curl to them as fall gets here.
 We are fall calving now. It's a little hot for it, but I think if they talked to the cows that calved this spring in the snow they would consider themselves lucky. I know the guys that check them don't complain!!
 They have plenty of grass to hide in. If those little calves aren't  careful they could find themselves right under the middle of a pickup!!! Not saying that happened and no calves where hurt if it did just sayin:)
 Just chillin

 These are last falls calves.
 One had a sore foot and needed to be treated the other night.

 So they all gathered round to see what would happen.
 #51 orange if you could see the small writing on the bottom of the tag you would know he was born on Aug 31st. All the calves get their birthdate written on their tags.
Trying to start a baby quilt but I'm always being called out of the basement..............JMF

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