Sunday, September 1, 2013

I like taking pictures:)

 My western mantel with a gift from a friend. You are the peanut to my butter the best to my friend the milk to my cookies! It was from zulily also a note from her thanking me for turning her on to zulily. Not sure if it was a real thank you or a sarcastic thank you:) I framed it and added the ribbon and a felt flower.
 I think I take way to many pictures!! This is just one of many sunflowers along a fence.
 My That Tree!!
 A big tree, I am going to have to get under it and take some pictures up close and personal:)

 I watched the gate when Greg went to feed silage to the buffalo the other night. Above his eye is a dragon fly, hundreds of them flying around that night.
 2 years worth of calves 2 year old and yearlings.
 Trying to keep cool last week what a time for calving.
 In case you ever have this problem???? the one where your electric window doesn't work and your window will not go down.

 Here is your solution stuff a sweatshirt to prop the door open.  no need to clap and give me a standing ovation just passing on the hubby's bright idea:) We have two chore pickup and the window on the passenger side of the other one doesn't go down. To think that a mere 12 miles away there is a place that fixes this kind of thing.
 Making hay while the sun shines.

 Have any of you heard of the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drumond well this is her apple puff pastry dessert.
Hers looks nothing like the one above which is mine. The juice ran all over, and there was very little puffing going on. The box did say PUFF pastry on it. Ok  so it puffed on the corners.... Oh and as you see we ate it . I think Ree would be so proud of my picture too!!!!!
 Humming birds  are so fun to watch.

 Worked a few calves the other day.
 Moms said I'll just be over here in the shade when you are done just run over here.
 The bull is coming home his work for the year is done. He'll get a long break from the cows!!
 Ok do what you have to do and let me out of here.
 Today was much better checking the fall calves.

 No one panting in the heat.

 I love my moss roses. They come back every year but I think they are to thick this year.

 Thinning these out.
Who wants some I hate for them to go to waste.................JMF

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Janet said...

I love pictures! Aren't we lucky to have so many subjects to take them of? Stay cool!