Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trip to the Hill city quilt show

 On the way out lots of sorghum  fields.
 The view out Paula's window as we eat supper.
 View out the front door.

 On our way to Hill City.
 I was very disappointed in the quilt show. They had just a few quilts outside and not that many inside.I just remember some years back I was there and the street was full of quilts. That's all I have to say cus I said enough when I was there!!
 Some cute quilts tho.

 2 of these I like the next one better.

 Kindof  a western theme going:)

 I like this pattern and it was all western prints.
 On the way back to the ranch we stopped at Lake Pactola.

 I took a bunch of pictures...big surprise!
 The pictures just don't do justice to the  scenery.

 More supper guests.
 In the morning the fog was rolling off the hills.

Back across the river, short trip but fun. I should have taken pictures of the new Quilt shop in Hill City if you get there be sure and stop in..............JMF

1 comment:

Sara said...

I had hoped to go, but am surprised that it has gotten smaller. The whole Main Street was hung with quilts the last time I went, plus the gymnasium.

You had some gorgeous photos of Lake Pactola.