Thursday, September 19, 2013

Silage cutting, bracelets and squirrel

 It's silage cutting time again. A few days before we started Greg broke his thumb! More on that later.
 His new yellow pusher all the guys liked that. It must be like us in a shoe, purse or fabric store! That's the only way I can relate to new machinery:)
 This year they made it wider instead of so high.

 This happened when I was gone. More on that later too.
 A big thanks to James and Landon for coming out on a Sun to help the guys. That's alot of tires to handle.
 My newest thing. Fabric cuff bracelets.

 I am also making an apron out of this fabric it is so pretty.

 This looks dangerous I hope he doesn't fall in I don't know if I could get him out!!
 Looks like the water could be changed.
I think  he knows what he's doing......JMF

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