Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I witnessed a fight the other day!!

 Chicken fight that is......
 2 young ones deciding who's the boss:)
 Do you think the neighbors will report me for stalking their chickens??
 I stood in their yard taking pictures for awhile the other night. No one was home, and I was suppose to be doing chores:) The chickens were trying to roost in the trees, and I was kind of bothering them. They just couldn't settle down, so I left them and got to work.

 Feeding a calf cus momma doesn't have enough milk, hopefully it will get better.
 I made this skirt for Sarah. She wore it to school today. It looks pretty cute on her if I say so myself!!!!
 I was fun to make and try something new. I have started a quilt so will post that before to long I hope!!
 It seem to be my job to watch the gate when the buffalo get their silage... here they come.
 Started out on a run but soon slowed down. Darn I wanted to get a picture of them running.
 Dusty we need a rain.

 Their eyes are kind of creepy.

Who can do that??? Who wants to do that???................JMF

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