Friday, September 6, 2013

Is this all I get done???

 I was checking cows the other day but these guys wanted their pictures taken:) This is Bonnie or Clyde.
  And the old girl, Fancy. She has a pretty head.
 The turkey vultures were circling around the neighbors yard.
 Then we got to the football game in Howard and there were more flying around there. They have a large wing span they look huge when they fly. They soar around and look so graceful for a ugly bird.
 Went out to walk this morning and had to run back in and get the camera. Just having alittle breakfast.
 They look pretty big, poor momma. Then they took off across the road.

 Boy the snake gourds have taken over the garden they are in every corner.

 Finally some are curling around. I think I was duped by the picture on the package of seeds. It has colored ones,but now as I look closer at it they are painted!! Bummer. Who wants some green snakes to decorate with?
 Then I noticed this little hummingbird moth in the garden. Finally got a picture that's not to blurry.

Then I finished my walk and Mr Callies Angus wanted his picture taken too...............JMF

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