Saturday, August 10, 2013

Busy Week......

 We had 3 visitors the other morning. As you can see I wasn't a very good sneaker upper!!
 She hardly took her eyes off me. I did manage to get alittle closer.They were standing in the hay field south of the house.
 I didn't shoot him the red is a leaf that got in my way:)
 and then they were gone.
 Another messenger bag.

 I have put the pattern away I need to move on!!
 This is the first year that I entered pie in the contest at achievement days. My German Chocolate Pecan Pie took second place. Greg bought it back for me and it cost him plenty he didn't know that our DIL was bidding him up. LOL If I enter next year we will be watching her:) It is for a good cause so it was worth it.
 My Peaches and Cream didn't place but brought over $200.00 so that was nice. I was told it was very tasty too. It is Greg's favorite pie.
 My aloe bloom.
 The plant doesn't look so good in person. It takes it all summer to ajust to being outside and then it's time to come in. It came from Texas so I don't know why it can't take our heat. I think it's more the rain that gets it.
 Pretty Jade.
 And now the sad news... someone??? pulled the weed up in the back of Greg's pickup!!! I do think it is alittle strange that it was left there and not on the ground. It was like someone had read my post about it and knew I said " I thought I would find it laying on the ground by the pickup."  So they left in the box for me to find. When I asked a certain someone they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about he just said he was keeping his pickup clean:)

Oh lookie here there's grass growing in the same pickup box. I think flowers would look better........JMF

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