Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pictures from the last week or so.................

 This in new this year it's the first time my aloe plant bloomed if that is what it is.
 A squash I put out in Greg's room in the garage last fall and just cut it up to cook it a week ago.
 I was surprised it was still good.
 2 hens taking care of the chicks at Jared's.

 Sarah's hollyhocks. I think they are so pretty.
 Eating the leaves off the trees in broad day light the nerve, but glad I got a picture or 2:)

 We had Quilt Guild at one of our member's home. This is just a few of the pictures of her gardens. Just awesome!!!

 What do I see at the end of those trees???????  zoom in and see....................

 My garden is really growing hope it rains tonight or I will need to water it. I will have plenty of squash, pumpkins and cucumbers. My tomato is blooming so I will get more than one:)
 Who grows a weed in the back of their pickup???????????
Greg I wonder if he's even noticed it........................JMF

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Sara said...

you take such beautiful photos! The deer are pests when they clean out my bird feeders, but I do love seeing them in our yard. Thanks for the virtual tour.