Monday, July 8, 2013

From shirts and jeans to's magic!!!

 Another gal named Julie!! really there's 2:) Anyway she gave me these shirts of her husband to turn into aprons, so I did!!

 Not so sure about that pocket redo but was covering up some little holes.
 This one I left the yoke in the back.
 Last one of the shirts.
 From Lucas' jeans to girls apron.......really.. You know I just saw all this on pinterst how did I ever make anything before it????????LOL
 It was fun to make:)
Wear your jeans out faster boys.................JMF


Sara said...

The jean aprons are the best. I have seen them made into skirts too. Very cute.

Tammy said...

Love the jean aprons. They are adorable.

Ranch Wife said...

Those shirts make the cutest aprons. Our girl saw that somewhere and wanted one made from a denim shirt of her Daddy's. I've got lots of worn out britches. I cut the legs up for quilting squares and the pockets are coasters. Not much left when I get through with them. You always find the cutest embellishments for your aprons.