Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crystal Springs Rodeo............

 The rodeo started 68 years ago. It is in a natural bowl. As you can see you sit on the ground there are no bleachers. Around 5000 people attend this 3 day event, lots of people camp in the pasture surrounding the rodeo grounds.
 The rodeo grounds are near Clear Lake SD.
 We had reserved seats (lawn chairs) right up against the end of the arena!!
Old Glory carried horseback by a beautiful cowgirl!

 Who can go to a rodeo without noticing the pens, judge, advertisements,  or is the cowboy butts!!!!!!!!
 Ok on with the rodeo  bareback riding. This is a PRCA rodeo and there were cowboys and cowgirls from lots of different states.

 Hang On!!

 The ropers waiting for the steer roping.
 If anyone goes to rodeos they should recognize the name Jesse Bail from SD.
 He has won lots of money!!
 A very important part of any rodeo is the pickup men. They have a tough job I'm sure they are worth more than their pay.
 Every rodeo has a clown too. As you probably guessed this didn't end good. The first time he took the cowboy for a ride he flew off in the dirt but the second time he held on.
 More roping, team roping this time.
 Waiting his turn.
The entertainment was Amanda Payne daughter of the one armed bandit. They got the mustangs from one of the reservations in SD.
Very pretty horses.
It took awhile but she got them all on top the trailer. You can check out the One Arm Bandit & Company on Facebook or at theonearmbandit.net.
It got to dark to get good pictures so didn't get any  of the bull riding I think only 2 or 3 guys rode their bulls.
If you have never gone to a rodeo make this the summer to check one out!.................JMF

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