Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hay, flowers and Buffalo picture..............

 Matt and the boys came the other day to wrap the 1st cutting of hay. It was lots of work, fun, and food!
 The hay is baled on the wet side and then wrapped air tight to preserve it till winter feeding time.
 A 30 inch roll of plastic wraps around the bale several times and then the next one is added.

 We had a crew of guys raking, baling and hauling to the wrapper.

 About a week ago after power went off 3 times real quick then my computer bit the dust. This is my new one. I sure don't like getting to know a new computer!!
 My flowers are coming along nicely.
 This year I bought them at the Medary Acres greenhouse in Brookings. I had never been there.
 They have  alot of plants and we didn't have enough time:)

 Sarah gave me this print and my sister-in-law Diane matted and framed it. BIL made the frame.

If you click on the picture it should be bigger and better to see.

 I just love it. My pictures doesn't do it justice tho. The matting brought it to life:)

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Ranch Wife said...

I love seeing how other folks do things in different parts of the country so thanks for sharing how y'all wrap your hay. Hope y'all had a good first cutting!
I hear you on getting used to new technology...not my thing either.
Pretty flowers and pretty print! I could spend a lot of money in a nursery...good thing I don't have any to spend. LOL