Friday, April 29, 2016

Ranch work and some sewing...................

 I helped Greg the other day by sitting in the tractor and turning the wire winder control on and off!! A big important job:)
 Very high tech it gets the job done!

 Someday it will get unwound and be a fence again.
 Another purse I need to get on a different kick!! I am going to donate this one to a fund raiser. The inside fabric is a tattoo print
 One of the sets of twins born this spring.
 If I can't see her does it mean she isn't there???
 I was the gate opener for Gary the feed guy the other day.

 Trying to get the gate unlocked, could be trouble. There's one in very bunch.
This is a another  purse but is also a gift so will show it later.............JMF

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Ranch Wife said...

That wire winder contraption looks pretty handy! Around here we have to wind it up by hand. And don't cut yourself short - wire winder wives are pretty rare these days!
Glad you're finding some time to sew in between your ranching duties. That's the way it is around here too.