Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Blue Jean projects...........

 I got around 19 pairs of Rocky Mountain jeans from a gal in town for FREE!!
 I made this tote with frayed edges and a braided handles.

 These 2 were my first projects from the jeans.
 Small purses with the 2 front pockets of the jeans for extra stuff:)
 I'm thinking this pair was one of her favorite as they were soft not like the rigid denim.

 Last is a messenger bag.
 I have stopped in town a couple of times to show/give her a choice of these, but always miss her. Maria if you see this let me know what you and the your girls want and it's yours:)
 I worked on these yesterday one is for a auction and the other is a gift.
 2 shelves done in the pantry cleaning!
 Yesterdays view out the kitchen window.

My barn quilt not big enough but will have to do........................JMF

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