Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hodge Podge of things............

 I've had a cold so haven't been real ambitious but did get 2 bibs made. Someone wanted western girl bibs so I'll see if they like these. I'm not sure I do, they need something else. This might not be the last time you see them.

 This came driving in the other day! Like my  DIL said when Matt made one it is a Redneck 4 wheeler cab:)

 It will be warmer in the winter and dryer in the spring.
If any of you knew my Dad you know where they got this need to tinker and make things out of almost anything. I love that about my boys cus it makes me think of Dad.
 Greg, Jared and Lucas went to Madison to the bred cow sale so John and I ran the ranch!LOL We went over to shut the water off and drain the hose where these cows are. Then of course (according to John) we HAD to check the traps and try to shoot a pigeon when we got home. It's been a long time since I spent the day with just John I loved it:)
 We had dinner my was Yogurt with broken pretzels if you haven't tried it you should oh and I had a bun and a mound bar. John had his dream meal ........Ramen Noodles   (yuck) and 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwich's and yogurt. While I cleaned up he watched a episode of the old Roy Rogers show!
 Some of my winter decorations.

This is what happens when you put your finger over the flash!!!
stay warm...........JMF

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