Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sale day!!!!!!!!

 Free ad for Feldhaus Trucking! They got all the calves to the sale barn safely thanks guys!!
Waiting to be loaded.
 It was sure fun to sell when the prices are so good. The calves looked good too.
Our cycle of a year raising the calves has ended! Now it starts all over again with purchasing replacement heifers, calving them in Feb or  March then the rest of the herd starts in April. Each time you never know how it will turn out. Last spring was so wet and it was a challenge calving. Like I said to Greg yesterday on the way to the sale barn it seems like a long time ago that you went though the rough calving season. He agreed! But said I think you have to be nuts to do this year after year! I compared it to childbirth if we didn't forget about the pain so fast every woman would just have 1 child!!! We love our life and raising cattle it is very rewarding in many ways.

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