Friday, September 21, 2012

Harvest and cat pumpkin...what????

 I was helping the hubby yesterday by watching that everything goes ok unloading corn. Which really means just stand there and shut the auger off if something goes wrong or when there is no more corn coming out of the truck.
 With that said I got bored because rarely does anything go wrong and who wants to stand around just watching corn come out of a truck! I had my camera in my pocket so I took a few pics. This poor little oil shed as we call it just can't hold on to the paint anymore. If we tin it tho there goes all it's character. I think it was a little house at one time.
 The old 44 one of Greg's first tractors.

 Checking yep everything's fine

 Still fine are you getting sleepy? It is kind of hypnotizing

 I brought some cow over so the squirrel is back!
 I love this magazine!! it's got alittle of everything in it. I thought the little pumpkin was so cute I just happened to have planted that kind.
So here is mine not nearly as cute he looks alittle scared! Maybe he heard I'm not a big fan of cats. I just need to put the little orange bow on the stem.
 Duty calls Hubby needs to more to another field................JMF


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