Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall work......................

 So this past week went like this. Sold 2 trailer loads of yearlings in Mitchell. Had one tire blowout on the way. Yes of course it was on our trailer Kaboom  What was that???????????? Then a nice young man pulled up behind us and helped change it (did 95% of it). Jared is so nice!!!
 Then the worming of the yearling buffalo.
 Back they go. Fancy corral, tractors feeder wagon pickups oh well it worked.
 Sat I headed 2 hours north to Dane's football game fun to see him play. He's a fourth grader and loves football.
 Here's a few things I saw on the way home a big group of motorcycle riders.
 and combining beans Which one would you like to do on a Sat?
 These 2 aprons are listed at 
She has clothes, jewelry, and more some really cute stuff. There are 2 bracelets I really want but are sold out right now.
That's all folks..............JMF

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