Thursday, September 27, 2012

More pictures than words...........

 I went to check the fall calving cows this morning, and was dreading it. They are in a pasture that is kind of rough and I haven't driven out there in a long time. Once I got out there it was great!! Hubby cut part if it for hay but the rest is like other years when we have rain:)
 The cows and calves were happy:)

 Queen of the hill!!
 Water, blue refreshing water for everyone.
 I think I need to wash the window.
 Morning stretches
 Orange tag
 green tag  hey maybe a future 4-H calf!
 Then there are blue, white , red , and yellow tags. some colors designate the year the cow was bought, or the share % or bought as heifers. Just as long as I don't have to keep track.

  The  chickens are working their way farther from the nest all the time. Lucas and I took some corn to them the other day, and I asked him how are we going to get them to come? He said just call out "supper time", and it worked:)

 I still haven't got my new camera. I guess you have to order one they just don't appear just because you want one!!
 All the boys are back home. They are off duty now til the fall cows need them, then more time off til next summer. What a life:)

 Sorry I'm not in Custer State Park... It would be nice tho.
 Just our little herd.

 Lucas said the other day "I wish we had a golden tree" me What?? I guess I didn't know that we have a golden tree behind the house.....
 But we do!
 The last couple of times he's been here we have walk around the house to look at the golden tree. It is way more golden in person, or with a better camera. I better quit complaining what if the pictures aren't any better when I do get one.

 I love a good mum:)

 enjoy the wonderful weather............JMF


Janet said...

Your mum is gorgeous!! I love fall colors and you have posted some beauties. I'm envious of your fall pasture. I was just thinking I know why I haven't taken as many pictures this year--hard to see the beauty in brown. Even tho I have the same pictures to take, I love the pictures of calves. They are all so cute!!

Nina Marie said...

ohhh we love cows here too - this reminds me that I need to get back to my calendar cows quilt - I think I only have about 5 more months to get done - their on my blog if you care to take a peek!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Such cute baby bovines! I am envious of your grass...and photos with water. I'll just have to enjoy the colors of Fall vicariously through you because around here, everything is brown, but we did have a bit of rain the other day. :)