Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harvest and pillows.

 Harvesting beans these are the neighbors. He hires hubby to combine them. The crop is very good considering the amount of rain we got this summer.

 I made a couple of pillows for a shower present for twins.. A cowboy and a cowgirl!!
 I had so much fun making them. I bought the printing of the words on Etsy. Then I used iron on transfer paper to print them out.
 Dug though my western fabric and away I went!!

 I had an epiphany (not to be confused with the Church of Epiphany in Epiphany SD) I just had to say that:) about putting the bias tape on the outside edge of the pillow. I sewed the pillow wrong sides together, left an opening then sewed the tape around except where the opening was. All you have to do is stuff and sew the tape to close the opening. I love it when a good idea pops into my head. There is room in there for a lot more if they would just get in there!!! The little white circles are yoyos and the brown is fringe I cut off one time when I needed the fringe shorter. I know you must thing I am a hoarder when I can't even throw away an inch and a half of fringe well I'm not:) I threw a bunch away the other day and now I wished I wouldn't have. So does that mean I am a hoarder?????????????
Can't wait to make another set of pillows.....JMF

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

LOL - now I will never be able to throw away any fringe! How clever are you to think of adding the bias tape to those very cute pillows like that? Hope your harvest is beginning to wind down.