Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall, fencing, decorating, bibs, garden....................

 I wonder how the cows got out? It seems like it is always the other guys fence, but when it's your cows you bring the posts and you fix it. With this dry weather there are lots of places that are dry now so you can get the fence fixed without waders:) Not a good thing tho Greg would have been happy to put the waders on. Second thought they probably wouldn't have gotten out if it would have been full of water. We need rain for more than one reason......pray for rain!!!
 It's time to get the fall decor out again.

 I love that cute ghost:)

 I'm not a cat person but this one is cute and was on sale! Plus it won't jump up on the counter and scare the crap out of you when you back is turned...........oh that's another story and I would have the cat lovers after me if I told it and the cat stories from my childhood. NO CATS WERE HARMED IN THE STORIES well not to bad anyway  again I regress again where are my meds:)
 Bibs made for twins cowboy and cowgirl.
 The Great pumpkin patch.

 See how much bigger this one is compared to the little garage in the background?  just kidding You could park this one in it tho.

my favorite squash Butternut. It's almost ready.


Karin said...

Praying for rain is pretty much an all day, every day given around these parts. Sigh. We're not even going to keep any heifers this year. We had a big system blow through here that dropped .3" I was hoping it would make it to you - some places a couple of hours away from here had 3". Dried up dirt tanks and no winter grass is going to make for a rough winter. Your Fall decorations are gorgeous. I need to pull mine out. Looks like a nice pumpkin crop!

Karin said...

I forgot to mention your bibs - just darling? Do they take long and what pattern are you using? I need to make 30 so I hope they are speedy. :)