Saturday, October 13, 2012

Messenger bags and more...........

 Lucas was taking pictures the other day when we went to check the game cam.
 He did a good job.
 Farley and Susie they have a squirrel treed! He has a big leave nest he keeps hiding in,so I don't think the dogs have a chance.
 I got a request to make a bag for John's piano lesson books. Later that night it came to me in a vision LOL!!
 Anyway this is the way the vision looked.
 I still have a few of the wildlife heads I bought years ago. I put a light iron on the back and stitched around it too.
 Then when Lucas saw it he had to have one too. I made his alittle different. They were so fun to make.

 Both are lined with the same fabric. I wonder if I will get anymore requests for messenger bags??
I bought the Grandma Made It labels awhile ago:) I think they are cute. Now I have to talk John into bringing his bag back so I can sew one in his.

 Now we are feeding and watering the deer. We had 5 the other night. I hope we aren't sorry they will probably eat my trees.
 Weaned the last of the calves today. I hear them and their moms crying as I type. I might be sleeping in the basement.

The rest were weaned down at Jared's so I guess it's fair we have to hear it a few nights too.
all for now.......JMF


Karin said...

We just finished weaning too. I don't know why, but for some reason, their bawling puts me to sleep. Your messenger bags are great - I don't remember ever seeing those stitched heads before, but I seem to recall seeing them as cross stitch patterns at one time. I'm thinking you'll be getting lots of requests!

Rebecca @ Herons Crafts said...

I love these bags! They are so cute! The fabrics look great together and that label is adorable!
Have a great day
From your new follower