Monday, October 22, 2012

Gotta love a cowgirl messenger bag...............

 Another crayon apron. I delivered all five to Higher Grounds in Howard. The gals there are gracious enough to display them their for sale:) Thanks so much!
 I just had to make a cowgirl messenger bag. Even tho I didn't get a request for one:)
I think it will be donated for a raffle. I did learn one thing while making it. I quilted it first then ironed on the horses and the thread made a couple lines on the horses. It 's not bad, but next time I will iron on then quilt around them.
JMF.........PS my fingers are healing nicely! with the help of some super glue the glue from the Dr came off on Sat, so I glued them myself:)


Karin said...

Oops! I'm falling behind on my blog reading. Gotta go back and find out what caused your finger injury! Happy to hear you are healing though! Super glue is in our arsenal of first aid too. Another cute crayon apron and I love your messenger bag.

barb said...

I really love the messenger bag!! You are so talented barbara