Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some sewing, wildlife ,cows and oh yea blood lots of blood!!

 I got 3 crayon aprons made, watched the corner when moving cows, took pictures of the deer in backyard before the ACCIDENT! I have a rotary cutter to cut circles and when I went to slide the cover down to cover the blade it stuck but my fingers didn't and I cut 2 on my right hand. Then my left hand is hooked to an idiot and it tried to shut it to and cut one finger on that hand! Of course no ones calls went through on the cell phones (Thanks ATT) Finally on the 5th call Jared answered. Poor Lucas was with me and did the calling. He gets the brave boy award he's six and did a good job as I held a wad of hankies as the blood poured out of my hands...well it seemed  like it poured. It didn't hurt and they just glued it shut and taped them. When we got home I showed Greg and it just clicked shut over the blade in a snap ggrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
 Deer in the back yard and coyote on game cam. The big buck and bear are there to see if you are awake.......LOL
 My grandparents wedding picture.
 50 years later!! Our dad is first on the left sitting.
 Grandpa and 2 of our cousins getting a ride.
Look for the South Dakota Cattlemen's Auxiliary on facebook and like us...........
EAT BEEF..........JMF


Karin said...

Ouch! I'm glad that your fingers are healing, but OUCH! Very happy to hear that you still have them all! I need to set up our game camera in the chicken coop. Haven't gotten around to it, but I imagine I won't be capturing anything as exotic as you did. :) Love seeing your photos from days gone by!

WTFab said...

Those aprons are so cute! Would love it if you linked up on my blog hop Also let me know if you'd like to follow each other!