Friday, October 5, 2012

Cows, fire, food, and family time.

 On our way to bring some calves home.
 This is what I do while I wait for the guys to hook up the creep feeder so I can take it home.
 Take pictures:)
 Moving the herd towards the corral.
 A little closer.
 Thank God for our volunteer fire department!! It wasn't our fire but only a few miles from us. The ash blew clear to our place.
 Farmers came with their tractors and discs to work up the ground so the fire wouldn't keep going.
 If you need help here there are plenty of people that show up.

 Hubby, me, Joe, and Lynette took a drive up north to Sica Hollow park, As you see we kindof missed the leaves. The park is very small so the drive through was quick.LOL It was windy and cold too.
 I would like to go back in the summer and hike some of the trails.

 little waterfall, but hey it's water more than we have seen in awhile.
 Next stop on the Greg, and Julie tour was Veblen to see the 2 BIG dairies. This is the silage pile.
 It was rather huge!! Which you can't really tell from the pic.
 Next stop was Matt and Kari's. The day was fun with family and good food, bacon cheese soup, sour cream raisin pie, chocolate cake,bacon cheeseburger and candy bar. Anyway that's what I ate, well not everything I ate I did have some lettuce too. gotta love family and food..............JMF

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NoDak Herefords said...

Greetings from northcentral North Dakota: I also take photos while I am waiting for the guys. Well, sometimes they have to wait for me cuz I am taking photos (like the moose in my latest entry).

I found your blog from Fresh from the Farm: Farm Photo Friday.