Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Greg............

 I bought this kit at the Hill City Mercantile quilt shop in Hill City last Sept.It is Tatanka by JoAnn Hoffman  A couple of weeks ago I decided to try and get it done for Greg's birthday which is tomorrow so I did it!!! So it's on the brown wall in the first pic even tho it doesn't look brown it is.
 I tried it on a couple of walls and we decided the orange  wall wasn't the one for it.
 We might try it on the bricks of the fireplace too.
 It was alot of tracing on to lite weight fusible and stitching with invisible thread.

 This is the backing I had 2 pieces of this that's why the gap in the middle:)
 My design floor in the basement! I didn't have to worry about Greg seeing it he rarely goes down there. See the people in the tepee?

 Lots of quilting.
Sun Dance Eagle Feather PDF Applique Quilt PatternThis is another one of her patterns I would like to make someday.
It is Sun Dance Eagle Feather. Now that I have the 42 inch circle cut out of freezer paper I am ready to do another:) My next project is patching some blue jeans When Jared saw what I had been working on he said "This is why you haven't patched my jeans"  yup:).......JMF


Sara said...

WOW!! That is spectacular! My sister-in-law works in that Hill City shop and has said they have some very unique things. This is unique and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

juliehallfeldhaus said...

Sierra Shea said
This looks really, really nice! Quite an undertaking!

When I checked my email this morning on my Kindle I wasn't careful enough and Sierra'a comment got deleted instead of published! 2nd time that has happened so no more kindle just the computer:) Sorry Sierra and thanks for the nice comment.

Rebecca said...

oh wow... I went and found her patterns on Etsy...Got a couple marked including this one.... You did this from a kit... can you tell me how you created the shadows of the people on the tent walls?

cucki said...

Hello it's me cucki from South Africa..
A new follower of your lovely blog..

Wow it's so beautiful.. So sweet..
Hugs xx

Ranch Wife said...

Oh, WOW, Julie! That is an awesome piece! I'll bet Greg loves it! Did you find a permanent place for it? It definitely deserves to be the focal point in a room - just gorgeous.