Friday, July 25, 2014

What I have been sewing...............

 This summer I have been branching out into different styles of quilts. I've tried some modern quilt patterns and it has been fun.
 This is the back of the black and pink. I got the map fabric on equilter.
 On sale:)

 Simple but fun!

 Modern cowboys:)

 I love that piece on the back. I think I got that on equilter too. I have had it awhile and finally it found it's home.

 A simple but fun quilt.
 These 2 are made from 4 bandannas I found this on pinterest but no instructions, figured it out tho.

 The bookmarks in action:)

 spiderweb block I want to make more of these the tutorial is here
 My dad made this quilt rack for my hubbies aunt and he bought it for me on their sale!
 My light table:)
 Getting closer to the end of this project.
Rachel's 4-H sewing she made 2 pillowcases also.


Sara said...

You have been very busy! I especially like the black and white one with the long sections and just a touch of pink. Very cute!

Ranch Wife said...

Sheesh! Look at you go! What a fun way to use the bandanas - and I like the way you pieced the backs on your modern quilts - especially the braided part on the back of the cowboys - very cool.