Monday, July 14, 2014

Since I last posted........

 Not much has gone on:) The kids came down with their fireworks one night.

 I think this was Lucas' grand Finale 300 screaming fire cracker type things!! Not sure how else to describe it:)
 I wish I could remember where I got these lilies. Maybe Charlene or I bought them???? I have 3 of them two reddish pink and the 2 tone one.

 Lambs ear who need some? Besides Carrie and we forgot to dig some up.
 A birthday present:)
 Love it!
 A new round quilt project more coming later on it.
 I thought the package said zucchini but this is what I got. I still think it is a summer squash of some kind.
 On my walk.
Waiting for Joe, try to always have my camera with me.............JMF

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Sara said...

Really great photos as always. You must have a good camera. And you have me intrigued with the round quilt project.