Friday, June 16, 2017

More of the quilt show trip.............

 Paula bought this pattern and it was our goal to figure it  out and make a couple. Well after lots of reading and looking at pictures I said there has to be a YouTube tutorial on it!!
 That's how we finally figured it out then it was easy:) I don't know what I did but it's alittle crooked.
 This is my first attempt at painting. With a little help from the instructor it didn't turn out to bad:)
 I have to admit the instructor painted the heart for me. We had fun and am glad I tried something new:)
 And then they were finished!! At least Paula's were. I did get one of mine finished out there and one at home.
 The purple one is my favorite.
 Now the quilt show. I didn't take pics of any of the labels just the quilts.
 I want to make some kind of book quilt someday.
 a dog:)

 This chair is not something I would want in my house...but it was something to see!! There were blocks on the sides of the chair too.
 This is a tablecloth the squares were pretty small and it was so cute.
 I loved this one.
 There were lots of applique quilts.
 Cute chicken quilt with chicken wire quilting:)
Cute bunny quilt...............................JMF

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Harry's Honest Mummy said...

Some of these are really intricate. I take my hat off to people who have the skills to do this as I just have no patience - or creative flair. My son had a quilt made for him when he was born not to dissimilar from the one you have made. Good skills. #TwinklyTuesday