Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, Quilts, and Cows

At quilt guild we picked out two colors from a bag without knowing what color we would get. I picked yellow and blue, so now I have to make something with those two colors. As I understand it we can use other colors too. I like to make baby quilts so this is what I started.
The blue is kind of hid under the rest I picked the little western print 1st and added from my stash for the rest of it.
When put the different fabric by the print I couldn't decide which I liked then I tried the black there is a little black on each of the kids in the print, hats, boots, horse, ect.
As I sewed some more I wasn't sure about the black cus I didn't know what to use for the last boarder.
I found another black piece that I had enough of. So far it is just cut out and laying there nothing is sewed together except the squares. I think I will look at it for a while before I sew it.
This plant was green when the snow melted!!
Now it is already blooming. It is suppose to attract butterflies.
I planted this last fall it is suppose to be a ground cover so I hope it grows it has a big space to cover.
Happy Easter!! This afternoon Greg and I went to check the cows. It's to muddy for the pickup so we use the 4 wheeler, the only good thing about that is that they aren't scared of it anymore.
We let them into a dryer part of the pasture the other day.
We kept scaring up the black birds they were eating all around the cows.
We have 2 red cows all the rest are black anyway they calved the same day and the calves look the same!
Such a peaceful picture.
I'll be mooovvvvin on catch ya later.......JMF

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