Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is not what I bought these boots for!!

I saw these boots and thought they were cute, but I intended to wear them some sunny morning in the dew kissed green grass not in the mud and snow................Oh well maybe I'll get a chance to so that to.
The poor geese are even sick of the wet cold water!
Our road the better part. I feel for the people that have to drive these roads everyday... bus drivers, mail men and women, UPS. Some of the roads around us can only be used by 4 wheel drive. If any ones reads anything about to hot or to dry on this blog call me on it!!!!!!
The quilt was delivered to Parker. I think she liked it! It looked good on her bed.
I made Greg is favorite mound bars. I haven't seen him much in the last week the cows, and calves have all his attention!!!!!!!!!
tomorrow is a new day.....JMF


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Love the boots - lots of fun. the quilt looks gorgeous and the bars look great. hang in there - spring will come....eventually

JMF said...

Thanks we were just over in the calving pasture the guys are bringing the new calves to the shed. Sarah and the boys and I came home school night. Hate to think of them over there in the dark will be a long night.