Friday, April 29, 2011

Quilts, Cows, and Rain

 I got this quilt all done except for the label. When it warms up a little I think it will work on the bed. It just fits on the top with a cowboy print sheet  under it I think it will be fine.
Got this one sewed together too. Now I just need to find a back and quilt it. A few more pieces of my stash used.
Went with Greg tonight to check cows started out good but ended up wet.
Lots of sharp lighting to the south and we were on the 4 wheeler not to smart.
Like these 2 said "are you nuts"

At least the cows have plenty of water to drink this dug out plus a tank of fresh rural water. They like that better.
Supper time.  Then the sprinkles started so I jumped off and got in the pickup to shut the windows while Greg put the 4 wheeler away. Like a dummy I moved over to the other side so he drove and guess who got to open a close the gate in a downpour. my hair is still wet.
Gotta go call my oldest and tell him Happy Birthday. I don't know how he gets older but I don't!!! I wished.....JMF

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