Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quilts and Liver

I finally got this quilt on the frame. I'm over half done. Next is the comedy of errors, the farm quilt, maybe I shouldn't even try to quilt it. That quilt may never see the light of day again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On to the subject of Liver not mine, but fried liver and onions!!!!!! For your information if you make fried liver and onions and your grandsons are there for dinner...... Forget trying to tell them when they ask "what is that" "oh its thin sliced steak it's really good with ketchup" After the first bite  gag  spit they are not buying it!!!!!!!!! It was worth a try tho. My kids for some reason all like it tho. Carrie  even called home from college excited that she found a place in Brookings that served Liver and Onions!!! It's mentioned in the SD Magazine this month  they still serve it.
That's all the exciting news for now...... we won't mention the rain grrrr    JMF

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Mary said...

I agree with the grandsons!!!