Thursday, April 21, 2011

I saw this in the sky yesterday?????????

I wonder what it was cus it is gone today! It was sure good to see the sun even for just a little while.

I walked yesterday but only on the dry part of the road. I could go north of the driveway but not south.
Monday night Kay and I went to Brookings to a little quilt show about using your scraps. This one was left over quilt binding. I was to far back to take pics. The speaker was funny and interesting to listen too.
First tho we shopped alittle and ate at Applebees  very good.
 You can buy raffle tickets for this quilt!!!!!!

These 2 were part of the Brookings guilds show and tell.
I got this done today made another mistake should have cut the black boarder 2 1/2 instead of 1 1/2. Gosh what can I say from now on I'm going back to making up the pattern as I go then there can be no mistakes!!!
 Now I don't know what thread to use if I overall quilt it??? Any ideas???
come back sun........JMF


Barb said...

Hi, from the southeast corner of SD.
I love the farm/ranch quilt with the red border. Is that a preprinted fabric or your pictures printed to fabric? My eyes are old and can't see it very well but I love farm quilts. I want to do one with pics of old barns in our area.

That little bit of sun yesterday was wonderful. Everyone was suddenly in a good mood. LOL

JMF said...

Hi Yes the farm pictures are a preprinted panel I got it as a kit at the Pin Cushion in Mitchell. I haven't gotten it quilted yet. Soon I hope.