Friday, April 1, 2011

Propane tank contest winner!!

I got home from town today and looked out the window and saw the tank.
One day I decided when I could see the rooster I forgot out their last fall that would be the day, so today's the day I looked back to see all the guesses and the winner is ..............Kay Becker she guessed April 1st. I think the prize will be an all expense paid trip to...........Dell Rapids Kay your trip includes a stop at the quilt shop and lunch on me!!!!!!!!!! Unless you want something else ha ha . Sophia got second with April 2nd as her guess so she will get something in the mail!!!
Parker's quilt I do have another boarder on it hope to finish it tonight.
cheers for Kay and Sophia     JMF

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Carol said...

Congratulations Kay! You guys will have a fun day in Dells.