Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trip to the North Country.............

Sat we went to Britton to visit Matt, Kari and the kids. There is a lot of snow on the way up there.
We always stop in Webster for dinner then go on the Fort Sisseton road to get to there place.
There was only one spot on the Fort road that had water running over it.
 Kordell played the piano for us he has a recital coming up soon. He can really play we are so proud of him. Dane will play in the recital too, but didn't play his songs for us. I don't think he's as excited about it as Kordell.
Dane is my reader I'm so happy I have one so far!!! Ellie is just so easy going, and fun to be with she's growing up to fast. We had a good game of Life on the Farm. Kordell was the big winner which was good as  we were celebrating  his 10th  Birthday!! He is our first grandchild. What a blessing they all are.
This is the last snow in our yard. Better than the pictures from the north country!
The calving pasture this is the closest I've been to it this spring. That was to pick up Lucas so his dad could go to Kims and help. The cows seem happy, getting a few calves everyday. Lucas' report was one had a calf, one had feet sticking out, and 2 or 3 were thinking about it!!!!!!
Finally a nice day to take a walk the heifers, and their calves didn't know what to think of me.
The water is still running through the culvert. How did I get that pic without getting wet? Stood on top!
This is what I am reading now. It is the final one in the series.
til next time......JMF


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