Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anniversary Card

I had bought a pack of scrapbook papers, and I needed a anniversary card.
I picked out a couple sheets, printed the picture out and ripped some fabric to hold it all together! The inside was a mess tho so don't have a picture of that just a small scrap of paper to write on and bad penmanship doesn't make a good combination!! It's the thought that counts right???

I hope so!!!  JMF I'm adding this post  create and share on Wed.  


Diane said...

Your card is fantastic. I ♥ the use of fabric on it. I'm always looking for different ideas for cards. Thanks for the inspiration Ÿ

Carol said...

Looks good...I am sure the people receiving it will appreciate the fact that you took the time to make it personally for them.

Paula said...

We sure did appreciate the thoughtful and creative card from "special friends"...Julie is a card queen...the BEST!!! Its always fun to get the mail and see what she has sent