Friday, July 15, 2011

Pumpkin report, water, fabric, and Saint Julie!!

 Pumpkin blossoms

and there's the pumpkins!!!
 highway 81 going north of Madison. It's under water for 2 miles.
 This was coming home going south.

Only open to trucks and pickups no cars. It did wash off the pickup's running boards!!! We were on the way to Morris MN to a farm sale we left Tues and came  back on Wed. Greg didn't get what he went for. I left him at the sale and went back to town.
 There was a fabric store and had fun there!

 already made the dinos into a pillow case for a birthday present.
 I have an idea for these dolls that doesn't include making a doll. We'll see if I am still writing the blog when I get that done!!!

 Little kids hankies .75 cents couldn't pass them up.
Then I spent some time in their Pamida where I got this cross.
 Checking the markets for Greg on the kindle.

This house is north of Watertown. What a neat looking old house.
I would like a tour!!!!!!!!!!!
The mail lady brought me a box from Borders today I love it when she does that!! So I ordered the book The Little Book of Saints and low and behold look who's in there  Julie. wow Ive been called alot of thing but I don't recall saint being one of them, must be a different Julie!! Saint Julie lost the use of her legs at 16 but after 22 years she regained the use of her legs. She established the main center of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Belgium. She died in 1816.
only the corn loves this weather...............JMF


Dirt Road Quilter said...

I know y'all are sick of all that rain, but I am envious. I made a baby quilt using that cute bear cowboy sheriff fabric. Looks like you found some fun goodies! I would have bought that cross too - love it!

JMF said...

I hope to get a baby quilt made with it too. Is there a picture on your blog of the one you made?