Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday and a new yummy drink!!!!

My 2 favorite birthday presents!! Paula made me the friends picture and Sue gave me this lovely bracelet!! I love them both in fact I put them both where I can see them everyday.

Sue gave me the magnet and comfy slipper too.
Sorry about the pictures being sideways it isn't that way in my pictures but here it is go figure, anyway Paula gave me this notebook with pictures from our different trips together!!! What will I write in it...dear diary? love letters? grocery lists? no it's to good for that maybe my ideas, secret thoughts ok I am getting carried away now. I know all the places I want to go and trips I want to take.
 Speaking of trips Sue and I went to Brookings yesterday and she treated me like Queen for a day for my birthday! cappuccino in DeSmet on the way lunch at the Cottonwood coffee house and icecream at Culvers her treat to me very good. AND speaking of good this is our new favorite drink.
Well the stuff to make it a Cremosa a tablespoon or so of the flavored syrup 7up or sprite and them some cream on top stir best served with ice. Try not to suck it down as fast as you can!! We had to make ourselves slow down it's that good. Thanks for the fun filled day Sue.
So many people posted Happy Birthday to me on facebook and I got some birthday phone calls thanks everyone you made my day.......JMF

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