Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eggs, naked birds, pillow, and plants....

Lucas came home with me from working calves, so we had a little adventure. We found a nest with eggs.
And one with baby birds. It was a little to high for a grandma with short legs so he didn't get a good look at them til papa came home and lifted him up so he could get a good look and a count! Papa showed him another nest with babies too but we didn't have the camera. I'm sure you are thinking wow I would have loved to see another pictures of bare naked baby birds!!
Then we finished frosting the cupcakes and went to the basement. He played and I started working on this idea I had.
The scraps of leather came from the SAS shoe factory in San Antonio TX and the lace was in some of my Aunt Norma's stuff I think.
A couple buttons and some rope and it's a pillow!
Yesterday I made 4 pillow cases our quilt guild gives them to the safe house in Madison.
I like to see how much this grows but the end of summer.
I always remember seeing these in Howard and Esther Grants back yard and loved them. Now I finally have some.
I moved these over from the old yard and they survived.
I moved these too last July I'm surprised they made it.

If anyone wants Hen and Chicks call me I pretty sure I can spare some. I've moved some to the other side of the house too. That little lime green thing was a hanging plant I had in the crock 2 years ago and it trailed down and rooted there, and it comes back every year too.
maybe spring is really here.....JMF

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