Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beef, Birds, Garden and Wind.

Last night was Beef night at Huset's speedway in Brandon. The SD Cattleman's Auxiliary has sponsored the night for 6 years. We work with Mark Tassle from KXRB radio in Sioux Falls. He's so easy to work with and brings his wife and cute little son with them to our meeting! Well long story short the race got rained out, but not before the gals gave out 400 free beef burgers. We will finish our beef night at another race with some more give aways hope there's no rain that night.
Lucas' kittens he's pretty proud of them!

My cucumbers and pumpkins are trying to come up. I planted them where the old house was, and it's alot of clay. I am hoping for the best tho. I hauled some grass clippings and put around them. I bought some pren to put down after they come up to stop the weeds.

The boys and I were on another adventure today and checked on the baby robins they are almost to big for their nest. I don't know if the spruce trees new growth was ever this pinkish color before, but there was alot of them on one of the  trees this year. I'll have to watch and see what happens they are to high in the tree to get at tho.
Did anyone else notice how windy it was today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the plastic almost blew off the silage pile.
at least the sun was shinning........JMF

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